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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Force24 boosts customer loyalty and retail experience

17 April 2017
by Adam Oldfield

When premium jewellery retailer Lister Horsfall approached Force24, the marketing challenge appeared to be simple – improve the customer experience and boost loyalty.

Following a memorable first meeting, a modern communications strategy was devised that would make intelligent use of email, SMS and direct mail assets. But every campaign element would need to reflect the prestigious heritage of this 110 year old brand, whilst achieving utmost personalisation and relevance for a high-end client base of 45,000 contacts.

12 months on, our powerful, UK-built marketing automation platform has:

-          Allowed beautiful, compliant emails to be built, in seconds!

-          Doubled email open rates

-          Rectified deliverability profile ‘damage’ caused by a previous email provider

-          Fuelled greater marketing creativity, with maximum respect for the brand


-          Streamlined Lister Horsfall’s marketing budget, whilst increasing ROI

-          Facilitated accurate ROI measurement and attribution

-          Seen e-commerce revenue rocket to an all-time high!

Sound too good to be true?

This detailed case study explores the Lister Horsfall project from start to finish. Managing director Nick Horsfall talks through where the company was before they approached Force24, the retail challenges they were experiencing and why they chose us.

He then goes on to describe the work we carried out in this first impressive 12 months of the relationship, before summarising his project highlights and what he hopes will happen next!

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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