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What is the REAL fuss about email personalisation?

15 March 2017
by Nick Washbourne

Any marketer worth their salt will have done their research on email personalisation. It’s a topic we’ve covered extensively ourselves in the past – we’ve even been asked to author advice-led features on the subject, for marketing tech magazines.

In simple terms, email personalisation helps capture the recipient’s attention, at a time when inbox ‘noise’ has never been louder. It ensures a degree of relevance, helps to encourage meaningful next-step interactions with a brand, and suggests that the recipient is being treated as an individual, not a number on a mass mailing list.

But a simple run down of the anecdotal benefits of email personalisation, is often not enough. It won’t encourage marketers to stop and make changes when they are so busy. It won’t persuade senior management teams to allocate more budget to marketing departments, to help them start doing things smarter. But cold hard facts always grab people’s attention.

One of our favourite articles on the benefits of email personalisation appeared on the Marketing Land website a couple of years ago. In fact, fast forward to the present day and we still recall the stats from this article, when we’re talking to prospective customers about email personalisation.

It reported on a research study which found that personalised promotional emails were shown to deliver six times more transaction rates and revenue, than non-personalised equivalents. Personalised emails also achieved 29% greater open rates and 41% higher unique clicks.

When it came to subject lines, personalisation drove 26% more email opens, with most success seen in the travel industry, followed by multichannel retailers, catalogue brands and business services. In terms of device-specific stats, the study revealed that half of all unique opens and 39% of unique clicks occurred on mobile.

The same Marketing Land article reported, at the time, that, despite all of these phenomenal benefits, 70% of marketers were continually getting email personalisation wrong. The majority were also not optimising their mobile marketing efforts, despite the role that personalised, well-timed SMS can play too.

Years later, it would be great to say that these figures have drastically improved. But due to time, cost, resource and/or technology constraints, there are still a number of marketing professionals who are, at best, only doing the basics.  But ‘OK’ is no longer good enough.

Cost-effective marketing automation solutions are presenting marketers with more opportunities than ever before. Gone is the need to rely on expensive blue-chip agencies. Gone are the days when vast budgets were required. And gone are the times when email personalisation gave marketers a headache. It’s simply a case of knowing where to look.

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