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Research reveals when brands ‘aren’t ready for marketing automation’

14 November 2016
by Adam Oldfield

There are many reasons why businesses don’t embrace change, even if they know it’s the right thing to do. Often it’s because ‘the time isn’t right’ and, sometimes, this genuinely is the case. However, there are also instances where the timing is perfect – the only thing holding the company back is the fear of the change process, as well as the perceived hassle or expense involved.

The same applies to investing in the right marketing automation solution – a number of brands think they’re just not ready. So, we delved into the factors holding marketers back, to uncover whether obstacles really do exist and if timing really is a problem. Our research findings make for interesting reading, so, if you haven’t yet embraced the marketing cloud, take a look at which camp you fall in to…

I’m not ready for marketing automation because:

  • We only do a bit of SEO/PPC

Your digital marketing budget may be small, but, if you’re undertaking any SEO or PPC activity at all, you will benefit from personalising your customer journeys, optimising your spend and converting more.

  • We’ve only got two people in our marketing team

If you’re tight on resources, there’s even more reason to invest in the marketing cloud. With a feature such as code snippets, for example, you can produce beautiful, agency-quality and fully-compliant email assets in less than two hours. That means a better use of your time, and you’ll avoid the alternative of paying unnecessary fees for a freelancer or professional email builder to do the job for you.

If you don’t have a vast multi-skilled team in place, you are also likely to benefit from the triangulation of data that intelligent marketing automation can undertake in a click – without you needing an analytics scientist on board!

And, if your creativity has become a little stifled, you can rely on the expertise and learnings of the marketing automation support team to breathe a bit of life back into your campaigns.

  • Our communications are about more than email!

Good, a savvy marketing strategy should be multi-channel. That’s why, at Force24 we create journeys that incorporate email, SMS, paid search, social and direct mail communications, and we integrate into hundreds of other tech platforms to ensure you’re super connected. As much as we love email, there’s so much more to successful marketing than hitting a prospect’s inbox!

  • We prefer to personalise our communications

Again, this is music to our ears. Marketing automation isn’t – or at least shouldn’t – be about sending generic, bland communications. It is about personalising customer journeys, rich in relevance. And, as we look ahead to 2017, it will be so much more about machine learning too – the use of AI (unparalleled intelligence) to understand a user’s behavioural patterns and predict optimal engagement times, send frequencies and messaging, at any given second, and in real time.

  • I’ve already got enough platforms/tools to use

We’ve already mentioned integration, but, essentially, why not use marketing automation to bring all of your tools together, from your CRM and Google Analytics, to your Skype and social media? The result is a more unified and meaningful use of the data that you produce from these various platforms, that each have their own value to add.

  • We spend too much time analysing stats as it is

There can be no getting away from the importance of big data, and teams that try to pretend it doesn’t matter will soon get left behind. But metrics don’t have to be mind-boggling. The more intuitive tech solutions present information in a clear, easy-to-understand and actionable way, with only a click or two. That means less time trying to decipher the data and more time making the most of the findings!

  • We don’t want to get locked into another expensive contract with a service provider who leaves us to it

We should hope not! Nobody likes spending money and not getting a return. That’s why it’s important to find a cost effective marketing automation provider, and ideally one that charges a reasonable ‘pay as you go’ type model. Also, look for a partner that is UK based. This will give peace of mind with regards to data sovereignty, and ensure you have access to the support you need, when you need it – without you having to navigate awkward time differences!

So, which of the objections have you experienced, which have made you think the time isn’t yet right to invest in new or improved marketing automation? Of course, there may be a genuine reason why some groundwork has to be undertaken before you make the leap but, more often than not, the ‘obstacle’ is simply a misconception, not a real mountain to climb…

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