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Take the Force24 code snippet challenge

21 September 2016
by Adam Oldfield

When it comes to crafting the perfect email, how many marketers, hand on heart, can say they nail it, every time? In truth, the answer is very few.

That’s because it doesn’t matter how many marketing guides or digital hacks you’ve read, sometimes there just isn’t the time – or money – to produce an email that is 100% spot on.

But if a quick preview shows that the creative is close enough, that the message practically does the job, and that the experience won’t be too compromised on a mobile device, does it really matter? After all, time is rare and if every email takes an extra hour to perfect, that’s an hour that can’t be spent on anything else. There’s the alternative of relying on an agency for every email of course, but the hours soon add up and the last thing you want to do is blow the budget.

But, to answer the earlier questions… yes, it does really matter if the email isn’t perfect. The majority of marketers would love for their emails to convert more. They’d love to include more dynamic content. They’ve love it if their ROI, per campaign, continued to rise. They know their emails are holding them back.

There has to be a more effective and efficient option…but what?

Imagine if you could hold a bank of professionally produced email assets that you can build and customise, in minutes, as and when you need them. Beautifully designed, agency-quality emails that are fully optimised for complete cross-browser and cross-device compliance.

That’s why we’ve developed code snippets.

When a new client comes on board, our in-house marketing experts create a library of litmus-tested email assets that can be tweaked simply, and in minutes, to suit any given campaign. The key, pre-prepared component parts of the email – the header and footer, main hero and call to action block – are all ready. The dynamic content and data linking is all in place. All the client has to do is update the variables.

That means the perfect email now takes less than 8 minutes to produce! Marketers therefore spend less time producing the asset and more time reaping the results from it – more time being creative, perfecting personalisation and optimising the customer journey.

These are big claims of course, and we thought you’d want to see the proof. So, watch our video to see what happened when we put three marketers against the clock – a professional email builder using Dreamweaver, one using an online email editor, and the other using Force24’s code snippets.

Want to try Code Snippets for yourself?

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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