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Are B2B marketers being held back by time consuming tech?

18 May 2016
by Adam Oldfield

It was great to read research findings this month which revealed the continued uplift in B2B brands relying on marketing automation technology to better communicate with their customers.

The State of Digital Marketing 2016 report claimed that there are almost 11 times more companies using marketing automation software now, than there were in early 2011. Such statistics are a positive sign – marketers have more data than ever before at their fingertips and, with increasingly savvy customers demanding more relevant and personalised comms, tech has a role to play in leveraging opportunities that competitors may miss.

However, the report’s findings were not wholly optimistic. 50% of marketers surveyed claimed that truly integrating marketing technology can be a struggle – a topic we honed in on earlier this month. The number of reporting tools that marketers are now faced with means multi-channel marketing has the potential to be mind-boggling, which is exactly why we shared some tips to tackle it.

But, by far one of the most frustrating – yet unsurprising – points to come out of the report was that 42% of marketers believe system complexity is preventing them from realising strategic marketing automation success. This is also something we commented upon only a few weeks ago.

The very name of the solution – ‘marketing automation’ – should imply that such tech will liberate marketers, boost their agility and free their time to be creative. But time and again we speak to professionals in various B2B and B2C sectors, who are being held back by cumbersome, complex or poorly supported platforms.

Of course the technology has to be intelligent. But the really brilliant marketing automation systems in the marketplace are those that work so cleverly behind the scenes, that, on the surface, everything is actually unbelievably simple.

Humans deserve a bit of credit too, which is why we don’t just deliver a great platform; we also offer an array of professional services provided by a team that truly lives and breathes modern marketing. We only have to look at another of the report’s findings – that 52% of marketers struggle with creating effective marketing automation strategies – to know how important the role of people remains.

I suppose the underlying point to come from this research is that the need to embrace marketing automation solutions is readily acknowledged. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges marketers now face, is finding the platform that fits.

Well, you could just have a chat with us.

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