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Technology update: What’s new from Force24?

6 April 2016
by Adam Oldfield

In our last blog we honed in on the Force24 ‘manifesto’, boldly claiming that the human faces behind our marketing automation platform have the power to change the world of e-crm, as we know it, in the UK.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t continually invest in our technology. In fact, to ensure our product roadmap maintains momentum, we release four major updates a year. The result is an increasingly streamlined and polished system that is quicker, slicker, smarter and easy to use. But our talented developers also work closely with our marketing pros to resolve the pain points being experienced by CMOs throughout the country – sometimes before they even identify they have them!

So, enough of the bragging – what can our clients expect from Force24’s first major update of 2016?

  • We’ve developed a highly efficient SMS decision engine capable of managing thousands of concurrent conversations whilst maintaining ‘real life’ response times. Why is this important? This sophisticated two-way process brings a new layer of relevance to automated mobile marketing, ensuring responses truly mimic that of a real human being, without any detrimental impact on speed. (And, because we have so much to say about this particular release, we’ve prepared a best practice guide to using SMS as part of a holistic CRM programme.

  • Marketing blogs have been swamped with talk of ‘programmatics’ recently, but what does all this chatter mean? At Force24, we’re not just talking about it, we’re using it. Our programmatic integration feature allows marketing departments to synchronise paid search custom audiences from their automation platform into Google and Facebook. Capable of managing tens of thousands of records per minute, the feature will keep a close eye on every contact’s action and eligibility, ensuring highly-focused, data-driven campaigns that no longer rely on targeting as many customers as possible with generic information. As one of the first providers to offer this powerful lead nurturing functionality, the aim is to empower clients to take control of spiralling online advertising budgets, by tailoring spend according to users’ life stages, previous purchases and so on. (There’ll be a ‘how to…’ guide coming up on this subject too – watch this space!)

  • Custom throttling is the third new feature in our April 2016 release. To maximise every ounce of competitive edge that your email marketing could gain, we’ve developed an even more intelligent way to distribute your campaigns. Gone are the days when there’s only a 33% chance your message will arrive when your contact is at their desk (a stat that diminishes further still in the B2C environment)! This interface allows clients to select the days of the week, hours of the day and quantity of sends per hour, allowing utmost control over when an email is delivered. And the result? Your specific, targeted approach ensures you remain at the top of a customer’s inbox – crucial when there is so much ‘noise’ in the email communication channel.

  • Last but by no means least is our new campaign grouping feature – a tool which ensures marketers can have more personalised and relevant conversations, without the headache. We’ve made it easier to manage split tested campaigns and, crucially, capture meaningful SMS, email and direct mail data, in one place, from many verticals. This means you can analyse ROI based on audience type, campaign type and message style, and you can benchmark performance against old campaigns too. In a nutshell, we’ll give you the insight to answer the lead nurturing questions that currently leave you stumped!

Due to the size and nature of our agile business, we’re able to continually develop our marketing automation platform so that marketers become more efficient, increasingly relevant and achieve a better yield on their spend. It’s all part of our promise to create more personalised, revenue-generating conversations.

Worried you’re missing out? For more information, download our latest free ebook – Quantifiable results from your marketing automation in 5 simple steps. Alternatively, contact us for a quick chat.



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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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