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Marketing Automation – when did it get so difficult?

22 March 2016
by Adam Oldfield

Really, by its very definition, marketing automation should be simple. It should liberate your marketing campaigns, not restrict you. It should make your e-crm strategy agile, not sluggish.

Why then, does it still create so many pain points? When did it become so difficult?

Part of the problem lies in the ‘genetics’ of marketing automation providers. When it comes to the industry’s leading MA specialists, the majority are US based. Their technology is borne out of large software houses so, whilst it’s definitely robust and proven, it’s usually more relevant for enterprise clients (or certainly organisations based on the other side of the Atlantic).

Virtually all sell their systems on a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) basis, which means they’ll typically plug you in and leave you to your own devices. This sounds quite helpful – it’s certainly far from intrusive. But the problem with this approach is that, even if your marketing automation and CRM technologies are successfully talking to one another, they don’t automatically solve all your communication woes. There’s no support to optimise your customer journeys, for example, and even if you require technical assistance, it’s likely that contact centre staff are sleeping when you most need help.

But are all marketing automation providers the same? Well it would make for a pretty stagnant marketplace if we were.

It’s perhaps no surprise that we’re going to tell you we’re purposefully different; that we break the mould; that we have a stand-out proposition. But we genuinely do – and not just because our marketing automation platform is UK grown and managed.

We’ve built our solution for marketers, not scientists. You don’t have to be a data Jedi to make it work. It’s intuitive, quick to use and easy to understand, so you spend less time configuring a system and more time winning new customers.

But what makes us unique (yes we’ll be bold enough to stake that claim) is that we don’t just supply cutting-edge technology. We support clients with best in class professional services too. This means you have constant access to our fiercely talented marketing specialists, who are dedicated to creating better, more meaningful and personalised conversations between you and your customers. These are the people you see on our website – the human faces behind our marketing automation platform.

Whether we are producing your creative assets, conducting your campaign management or measuring the performance of your customer journeys to date, we’re constantly considering UX, design, copy, messaging, channels, trigger timings and more. And whilst every single client campaign is different, we stick to proven, best practice methodologies that guarantee better results.

You only have to look at our client successes to date – with brands including Worldpay, Aviva and JML – to see that it’s working.

So whilst it may sound ambitious – and a tiny bit corny – we really are on a mission to rid UK marketing departments of ‘set up and forget’ automation vendors. Too many businesses are being weighed down by cumbersome platforms. And for some brands, achieving lead nurturing best practice feels like the Holy Grail. But we can help.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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