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Chapter #1: Smart people pick smart colleagues

5 May 2015
by Adam Oldfield

The first chapter of our marketing automation journey is, unsurprisingly, all about people.

When I started Force24, I had a really clear vision of what it would be. It would be amazing technology that would blow people’s socks off – which it is. What I didn’t consider in any great detail is what kind of people I wanted helping me out. 

And that’s the problem, because the team behind a company is often overlooked. There is an ever-growing, countless number of Marketing Automation platforms out there, however, during the 2014 Marketing Automation Report by TFM&A Insights, it was discovered that 13% of marketers feel that a lack of technical proficiency within their team was stopping them from adopting Marketing Automation.

Firstly, you can hire someone.! Go through your usual rigorous interview process and find that one person who has the perfect mix of personality and skills to fit your company. 

So, what exactly are you looking for? 

Well, you need a strategist. One that can see the bigger picture; to see what your overarching marketing goals are, and to effortlessly build them into your marketing automation programme for consistent messaging, whatever the channel.

On top of this, they also need to be a ‘doer’. They need to be that one person that you know you can rely on to roll up their sleeves and do a job quickly, but do it right. Everything from launching your campaigns to analysing the results.

But then again, what campaigns? So, your new recruit also needs to be creative. To be able to know what looks good, what’s in right now and more importantly what works. What do people want to see? What will grab their attention and hold it? What will force them along the journey they’ve planned without the user even knowing they’re being pushed? 

But what’s good creative without powerful words? Yep, they definitely need to be able to write. And not just write well, with good grammar and spelling (though that is important, nobody needs the embarrassment of a spelling error – oh the shame!) but what they write needs to be compelling They need to make sure the contact can’t resist, whatever it is you’re selling! No mean feat in this ever-changing environment of buyers.

But, remember, we’re talking web, and with web comes coding. And coding isn’t easy, not if you’re doing it well. But does it matter how well they do it? Well, in short, yes. It does matter. It matters because bad coding can make your beautiful masterpiece look like something the cat dragged in. It matters because bad coding can simply break things, making things that should work not work, killing your journey and your prospect’s faith in you in one fell swoop. It matters because you need people to see the beautiful work that you’ve created…

And that reminds me! Your new recruit also needs to be a deliverability expert. Because what good is your email if it’s sitting in a junk folder or a spam trap? No good! They need to know how to ensure your emails are getting to the intended recipients.

Intended recipients? Who even ARE they? Ok… so they also need to be a data master. They need to know from where you get the best data and the best way to treat it to keep it valuable. 

At this point you’re probably screaming, WHAT IS MY OTHER OPTION?

Hire a whole team, for a fraction of the cost.

No, honestly. Hear me out.

At Force24, we pride ourselves on having a team that’s an extension of your marketing department. We don’t limit face-to-face meetings or the number of hours per week you can use your account manager, because that’s not how real life works. We’re here to help you, whenever you need us.

No fuss, no extra cost. It’s all part of the service.

Your Force24 team consists of marketing experts with years of experience in everything from strategy to content creation, development to delivery.

More importantly, we have carefully crafted a group of people that we love working with, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too.

We are Marketing Automation. Personified.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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