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We are proud to have some new people on board at Force24

16 July 2014
by Adam Oldfield

It’s been a busy few months. We’ve taken on that many people since the last newsletter, we can’t fit them all in the new starter section individually! Read a bit more about Sarrah, Jamie, Dan and Caisie to find out how they will be helping you with your marketing automation software needs.

Caisie Atkins, Financial Controller – Caisie graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance & has come on board to give the finance department the oompf that it needs. We do like a bit of oompf. Welcome Caisie.

Sarrah Ahmed, Senior Account Manager – Sarrah is an experienced account manager with a sound knowledge of integrated marketing from her experience working within a broad range of agencies & internal marketing teams. She brings tenacity, further professionalism & general all round goodness to the Account Management team. Welcome Sarrah.

Dan Mulholland, HTML Developer – Dan studied web design here in Yorkshire & he’s found himself climbing a very successful ladder ever since. He’s passionate about what he does & is excited to join Force24. We don’t blame him. Welcome Dan.

Jamie Throup, HTML Developer – Jamie studied software development and creative media production & has a passion for web technologies, email being his favourite. He looks forward to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve through email marketing. Welcome Jamie.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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