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Amazing new developments ahead

16 July 2014
by Adam Oldfield

Since our inception in 2010 the Force24 platform has been constantly evolving as we develop new features and develop new nurture techniques. Until now the business focus has been on the development of our back bone infrastructure enabling us to deliver complex nurture campaigns across email, direct mail, telesales and now SMS. As we now move into a new era of our business we have placed the focus back firmly on reporting and our portal.

During our initial project planning meetings we were keen to ensure the portal development was undertaken with our clients being in the forefront of everyones mind and that any user of the portal would feedback the following comments:

  • Speed – its so quick!
  • Accuracy – the data is 100% accurate
  • Innovative – there are loads of new features
  • Easy – I can’t believe how easy to use it is
  • Flexible – I can customise the views to see exactly what I want to see
  • Useful – my entire team find it extremely useful

Behind the scenes the development team (lead by Michael Gyekye) have created a database structure powered by an entirely new rack of powerful database servers with the sole purpose of front end client reporting, our initial tests have shown blisteringly fast results!

Our front end user interface design team (lead by Kieran Link) have spent months rationalising the data and features on display. We have held several focus groups with our account management team to fully understand the features and reporting our clients will find most useful.

Some of the exciting improvements:

Day, time opens and clicks reporting

we have improved the visualisation of this report to help determine the optimal send times for your campaigns

Social integration

we have integrated Twitter and Linked in to the portal allowing you to view prospect twitter and linkedin feeds

Opportunity tagging

we have developed a new contact tagging system that enables you to create dynamic groups of contacts for reporting and campaign management.

Send Email, SMS and DM

empower your team to send small batches of predefined email, DM and SMS to specific users straight from the portal.

Self services

create customise and send campaigns of email, direct mail or SMS straight from the portal

News feeds

empower your telemarketing team with all the available information about a contact with weather, company news and location news via dynamic data feeds

We expect to reach a beta test stage during mid september, at which point we will invite our clients to take part in a testing and improvement program.

We hope you are as excited as us and we will keep you in the loop.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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