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Motorway signs: the perfect guide for effective email marketing

9 May 2014
by Force24

The best marketing campaigns do not come about by accident. Fire out a call to arms without properly engaging with a prospect first and you’re unlikely to be successful. It’ll either get lost in the hundreds of other emails crowding their inbox or fail to ignite any kind of interest. So what’s the answer? Well, it may seem like an unlikely source, but marketers could look to motorway service signs for inspiration.

Think about it. The best email campaigns ideally touch prospects several times to nurture that interest before creating the all-important call-to-action. They may miss the first email completely, but by the third you’ve often done enough to engage them – to get them to consider your product launch or event. When Force24 has promoted events in the past we’ve used this strategy successfully, employing similar messaging at each stage. Towards the end we hit them with a call to action, introducing a sense of urgency – saying perhaps there are limited places or early discount prices.

How is this similar to a motorway service sign? Well, imagine the first sign says “services in 22 miles”. The driver might not see it, or they might ignore it – after all, it’s a long way away. By the next sign, “services 1 mile”, there is a greater sense of urgency. Then, by sign three, which introduces more description around what’s available there – M&S, Starbucks etc – they’ve taken notice and are being drawn in by what’s on offer. The remaining count-down markers could symbolise your call-to-action, adding further urgency. Of course, a follow-up message after the event is also an important element: “next services 11 miles”.


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