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How far we’ve come

29 May 2014
by Adam Oldfield

This week I was casting my eye some bits and bobs from back in 2009.

What struck me is a couple of things. Firstly how far we’ve come. When we set up in 2009, our aim was to join up email and direct mail campaigns, tracked and linked in with our clients’ sales teams. From our experience of working at various marketing/data agencies, these campaigns were always carried out in isolation.  From what we’d seen of marketing automation software houses, they all had difficulty vending direct mail in response to a client’s digital engagement.  So back then, our raison d’être was helping clients with cross channel campaigns in an efficient manner.  This still remains a pivotal part of the Force24 offering today.

One important aspect relating to successful cross channel marketing is getting the data right.  If you acquire data you should ensure that any prospect data has a personal email address, relating to the correct individual, which corresponds with the correct mailing address.  While this may sound simple, most data suppliers struggle with this. We believe it’s absolutely critical to only ever receive such data from data partners to avoid a scenario whereby direct mail is sent to the wrong address following on-line engagement.

Aside from the data aspect and while technology platforms have increased in complexity since the early days driven by client requirements, we have seen the introduction of social media to bolster clients’ outbound campaigns. This clearly bucks the market trend of designing social media campaigns solely for inbound activity.  Furthermore we have integrated SMS into our platform.  Rather than using this channel for sales messages, we advocate the use of SMS for reminders or short surveys.

But the traditional cross channel campaign of email followed by direct mail followed by sweep up email still has big impact and drives high response. If you haven’t yet experienced opening an email then receiving a piece of direct mail a day later consistently branded with relevant comms, then you probably should. We’d be happy to share such examples with you.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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