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Is the hot weather affecting direct marketing engagement?

11 July 2013
by Adam Oldfield

The recent stint of hot weather has got us thinking about direct marketing engagement levels.

Does it necessarily mean everyone is out of the office so nobody engages?

How do people know it’s going to be a nice week or even day? We can’t exactly rely on the weatherman and his whimsical gut-instincts.

So what about the people who didn’t believe the heat wave rumours and do find themselves at work – do they engage?

With all of those questions flying around the office, we wanted definitive answers… I guess you could call that our aim.

After much debate we reached a majority decision on a couple of key ideas – our hypotheses. Firstly, it may be true to say that engagement will be lower on hot days, but in an unpredictable climate so much as ours, one hot day just won’t do it. It has to be three days or more before people gain the confidence to take time off and so: -

1. Engagement will be higher on the cool days that follow a series of hotter days. This is the catch-up effect Businesses would be in trouble if they stopped functioning when the weather was nice, so things can’t be completely put on hold. Therefore, we think: -

2. Engagement using mobile devices will be higher during the hot spells. And finally, the people that are unlucky enough to be at their desks as normal will have more time on their hands to really engage, meaning: -

3. Though the number of people engaging will be fewer, the quality of those who are could be potentially much higher with a longer time being spent on online activity.

We have set our data gurus to start mining the relevant records from 1st July.

Be sure to keep an eye on the site for the results!

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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