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Bright future for the FSB

15 July 2013
by Adam Oldfield

We recently met with The Federation of Small Businesses for a quick review and to discuss upcoming plans. We left buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas for the future and feeling really excited to be a part of it.

Now boasting 200,000 members across 33 regions and 194 branches, the FSB has come far in the almost 40 years that they have been helping and supporting the self-employed and small business owners. Next year will see their impressive anniversary, but we at Force24 believe they still have far to go and we’re determined to help them get there.

What are they bringing to the table?

We believe that their aim of being the most effective organisation working in the interest of self employed and owners of small business within the UK means that membership is an absolute must, regardless of how established the company may be.

FSB members can expect a top-notch service, which provides constant support and access to document templates to help them at every stage of business such as legal and tax.

2014 promises to be an amazing year for the FSB with their awards ceremony taking place in April; the return of the conference after another successful year in 2013 and many more seminars and events around the country. The team at Force24 is as excited to be working with them now more than ever before.

Where does Force24 fit in?

As a prospect partner, our approach is focused on the understanding that the success of communication depends on the current position of the recipient. Using our marketing automation techniques and through close account management we can ensure that the correspondence is always relevant and have already secured a massive amount of new sign-ups by closely targeting those that we know are paying attention.

In–line with this, we also offer a unique un-subscription process which gives the individual a choice to only receive the alerts and updates that are interesting to them.

An exciting time for all is approaching, make sure you keep up with our blog to keep a track on how things are going.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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