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Proof lead nurturing really works read the AU Capital case study

15 November 2011
by Adam Oldfield

Case study:

A leading London-based wealth management and tax advisory company.

The proposition:

Promoting a highly specialised series of seminars scheduled to take place at four locations across the country.

The solution:

Working to pressing timescales, Force 24 implemented a tightly-focussed integrated marketing strategy to ensure maximum return from the client’s relatively small prospect database of 600 contacts.

The fully automated strategy included creating a selection of high-impact but sophisticated email invitations, bespoke seminar web landing pages and engagement escalation eshots.

Initial results:

Within just six days of commencement the first seminar’s initial 30 seat allocation has been exceeded and larger facilities have been arranged to accommodate the exceptional response. The second seminar, due to take place at the end of this month, is already up to capacity and very promising responses have similarly been received for the final two seminars.

Client feedback:

“Being able to hand over the promoting of the seminars to Force24 has relieved a huge pressure on our internal resources but also the professionalism of the whole process has generated a 60% increase in registrations already and we’ve still got 2 more seminar dates to go yet!

“From the design of the invitations, to the seminar web pages and registration documentation, everything fits together very cleverly and has given us a highly cost-effective method of ensuring the right people hear about our seminars at the right time – we have been able to collect some very valuable data too that we can use for future marketing activities.

“I cannot praise Force24 and their savvy approach to prospect engagement enough.” 

Paul McCaughey A U Capital director   

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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