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Lead nurturing, where to start and how easy is the setup process?

4 October 2011
by Adam Oldfield

The first thing we appreciate from any client approaching our team is a good understanding of their current position.

Some of the things we are keen to understand from a potential client are: Your data, how recent is it, how big is it, who is in it, is it segmented, is it complete records and where necessary the opt in status of the base.

We are also keen to understand what previous activity you have tried both online and offline  and did it work? How did you measure it? When was it?

With regards your own infrastructure we are keen to understand the current website conversion rate? Do you use data capture forms?

Do you have an artwork agency or do you need help in this area from our team of lead nurturing artwork creatives?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer some if these questions we are here to help with every aspect, so even if you don’t own the data yet, we can still help.

So, during our initial discussions we will assess the fit with our managed lead nurturing service and your business, we will review your current website and marketing collateral to enable us to fully understand your current position.


Once we have determined the best approach we like to meet again to give you the complete picture, what lead nurturing is and how it could work with your brand.

By the end of this session we aim to leave you with all the facts, how it could work, how it would be implemented, how much it will ultimately cost/save and the benefits, such as increased sales, increase loyalty etc.

From this point should you wish to progress with force24 and start on your lead nurturing journey we have a complete case file to refer to, making it easy to get started.

Journey mapping + Campaign Setup  

Most of the hard work is already done! We configure Force24 for your own account instance and connect our mailing and print platforms.

To ensure we have interpreted your requirements correctly we hold a customer journey mapping workshop (approx 1-2 hours), to identify how our nurturing services will engage with your prospects and the various rules we will implement to ensure success. We attempt to mimic where possible a human approach to make the prospect of customer feel valued.

Data mapping, this is a very quick process, where by we extract from your CRM system, email platform or where ever it may be and understand the specific needs to each type of contact.

Following the customer journey mapping workshop, we hold one further workshop know as campaign installation. This workshop identifies the artwork and collateral required to deliver the customer journey (approx 1 hour), in many cases we use plain text and existing web collateral, however front-end email creative and direct mail will need to be created. We can work with either your team or use our own artwork team to create the required artwork.

Following from the two workshops our team will implement your journey into our platform and issue the tracking scripts connecting your website, allowing us to gather information and act at the appropriate times.

Your campaigns will be placed in to an accelerated test status allowing you to fully test each aspect and experience first hand the nurturing process. In the instance of automated CRM cycles we allow you to live these over the course of a day, allowing you to see first hand the communications a prospect of customer would see over the following months.

Once you are ready and happy with the processes we set your campaign to ‘live’ and start to nurture your prospects!

Live Force24 System  

The beauty of a fully managed service like ours is to implement a fully automated nurturing platform taking only 4 hours of your time! Force24 can be implemented from start to finish within only 10 days.

Our advice is not to be afraid of lead nurturing, it can drive massive savings and improve ROI greatly.

Why not start by talking to one of our team members today.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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