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Automated CRM Cycle, what is that?

20 September 2011
by Adam Oldfield

Many clients feel one of the most important aspects of the Force24 platform is the Automated CRM cycle.

Picture the scene, a busy sales office full of sales hungry “go getters” each with an intense focus on achieving targets, never letting a lead slip through the net and nurturing each prospect to its full potential! Every penny spent on marketing achieving a great return!!

Ok back to the real world! the reality is most sales teams focus on the quick wins – leads that both look good and are desperate to buy now, but what about all the enquiries that need a little more convincing or a little gentle encouragement?

These tend to be the ones that end up as quick wins for your competitors, it stands to reason that if you don’t give the encouragement first time round by the time the lead is ready they will approach the wider market again.

Our automated CRM cycle is a predefined set of campaign messages delivered over a period of time to keep the prospect in touch.

Here is how it works:

Our web connector is installed on your website, ready to capture any enquires generated. This won’t affect any current internal processes as we take a carbon copy of the enquiry before it even leaves your website.

At the point of record creation, we place a small anonymous cookie on the users computer, which will record the visits along with the areas of interest.

The Force24 Platform will then instigate the predefined CRM cycle, designed to work in harmony with your sales team. A typical sales process would unfold as follows (remember all aspects are variable and can be stopped at anytime):

Step 1: Wait 2 days, This will give adequate time for the sales team to follow up the enquiry via normal methods. In the event the sales person converts the lead the process ends here. However if not its likely an automated thank you email will be sent, asking if they need any more information and if they are still interested. The wording and creative approach will be in line with the key objectives of the client. This prospect is marked as high priority and any repeat visits to the clients website will be highlighted to the sales person handling the enquiry.

Step 2: Wait a further 5 days, this will give the prospect sufficient time to have re-engaged or any further dialogue with the sales team to have occurred. In the event no sale is made we may opt to send a piece of low value direct mail (typically A5) this will be fully personalised and will be designed to provoke re-engagement with the website.

Step 3: Wait a further 10 days, gradually we back off the nurture process to reduce the risk of the user unsubscribing. However the next step would typically be in the form of a seemingly personal plain text email from the sales rep, written in plain English inviting the prospect to re-engage with them personally. This approach tends to generate a good response and prospects often click to reply to the email, the reply will go directly to the sales person handling the enquiry.

And the process can go on. However after a period of time we recommend pulling users out of the automated CRM cycle and placing them back into the general nurture pool, this would be an automated action typically within 12 months.

Again as with all Force24 services no install is needed, it is a really simple process to get you up and running following a simple setup and prospect journey mapping workshop most clients can be live within 3 days.

The Force24 platform is capable of nurturing hundreds of prospects per minute for each client! So even in the fastest moving sales environment Force24 will be in front.

Why not get in touch and we can walk you through the simple setup process today.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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