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Force24 is going on tour to give free lead nurturing master classes!!

13 June 2011
by Adam Oldfield

Well we thought it was time to take our fantastic product directly to our prospects. So we are hitting the road. During June and July we will be visiting companies wanting to harness the power of lead nurturing but were afraid of cost and internal resource requirements.

During our tour one of our lead nurturing specialist will visit you and impart their wisdom free of charge, during the demonstrations you  an:

  1. See first hand the power of lead nurturing vs batch and blast marketing.
  2. Learn how to gauge the temperature of your prospect base.
  3. Pick up essential techniques to help warm your prospect base up quickly without alienating prospects.
  4. Learn quick tips on how to improve your current email and direct mail conversion rates.
  5. See how the revolutionary Force24 platform takes all of these techniques and delivers your campaigns seamlessly.
  6. And anything else you want to know
Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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