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The Rules of Engagement

15 March 2011
by Adam Oldfield

If you’ve ever been stopped in the street and asked to take part in a questionnaire, or to sign up for a new credit card, I bet the vast majority of you said ‘no thank you’ and rushed on by. Natural enough, but that defensive reaction could similarly be affecting the return on investment of your new business campaigns.

By coming on too strong, too early in the life of a prospect’s engagement with your brand, not only makes the barriers come up but you run the risk of the user unsubscribing.

The aim is to nurture a prospect gently (hence the term prospect nurturing), ‘touching’ them numerous times, to monitor the engagement and then touch them again a few more times. This will begin to gradually break the barriers down and build up curiosity to the point at which direct contact is made. If you do it really well you can generate some fantastic returns, we have…want some proof?

One of our Beta partners has for many years achieved an appointment calls ratio of 1%; on average their telemarketers were undertaking 200 calls using a dialler to make 2 appointments per day. Which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t too bad when you consider they are doing the telephone equivalent of stopping the general public in the street and asking if they want a new credit card.

However, using Force24, a very different result altogether is being achieved. The tester’s team was tasked with contacting the prospects that the Force24 platform identified as having sufficiently engaged with the clients marketing campaigns. And guess what, from an average of 60 calls per day, 8 appointments were booked. That’s a 70% reduction in calls and a whopping 400% increase in conversions!

We developed the Force24 platform to have a variable engagement matrix, sounds clever doesn’t it? It serves two purposes, firstly it allows us to determine the optimal point of engagement at which to send a user a piece of direct mail, it allows us to vary the value of the direct mail to thoes prospects worth more to us and the optimal point of engagement at which to make a tele-research call. And secondly it allows us to manage budgets; by drastically reducing the number of direct mail items issued we can significantly reduce your costs.

Also, please remember the Force24 marketing platform is cloud based and our expert Force24 team is on hand to walk you through the whole process – we’ve all got bags of marketing experience and are here to help you find the best approach to every campaign.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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