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Thank you for stopping by to read the Force 24 blog

3 April 2009
by Adam Oldfield

Thank you for stopping by to read the Force 24 blog. This is our first one – we’ve decided it’s time to start sharing some news about what we’ve been developing and how it just might be what you’re looking for.

All of us at Force 24 have worked in marketing for a long time and have lots of direct mail campaign experience in particular, so it probably isn’t all that surprising that we’ve got tired of the frustrations of the over cumbersome unsupported marketing automation software that’s out there and had a go at developing our own.

What is surprising though is that here we are ready to launch it to the big wide marketing world. We’ve been beavering away quietly putting together a system that would fulfil our requirements and have developed something so nifty we think it’s worth sharing with other companies wanting a more strategic solution to B2B marketing.

We’ve even asked a couple of companies to join us in testing it with us – they’re our Beta partners – and the results have been fantastic. That’s no surprise. What we’ve developed is an intelligent, integrated, automated, fully supported, target cross channel marketing platform.

A bit of a mouthful but essentially, it manages your direct marketing campaign for you from e-shots and DM to telesales, it tells you what to send to who and when, it gives you real-time results, it comes with access to a hands-on support team and above all it is very cost effective because you just pay for the bits you use.

It might appeal to those of you who have bought marketing software and haven’t yet worked out how to use it, or to those of you who have been put off buying existing software because of the huge expenditure for minimum support, or to those of you doing lots of DM + email activity and wanting to reduce cost and maximise the return on your efforts.

That’s it for this time, pop back again in a couple of days and we’ll share with you some of the results from the Force 24 Beta testing and specific details about our marketing experiences which you might find useful.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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